Why it’s a great idea to book in a post-Christmas clean

03 12 2021
Why it’s a great idea to book in a post-Christmas clean

At Dorset Commercial Cleaners we’re gearing up for the festive season – a time of laughs, merriment, and the inevitable creation of mess!

As Christmas approaches and staff begin to head off for their holidays, we believe it’s the perfect time to book in our professional cleaning service for your office or workspace – why not read on, to find out more how our bespoke cleaning service could help put your business in a great position ahead of the new year.

Start the year strong

Following the Christmas break, make it easy for your staff to settle back into their workflow as quickly as possible. After a number of weeks of eating heavily with the feet up by the fire, the last thing anyone wants is to return to a dirty and dusty office - by having Dorset Commercial Cleaners perform a thorough and professional clean before your staff return, you can ensure that your working environment is in the optimum state for productive and happy working.

For most businesses, the financial year runs in tandem with the calendar year, meaning it’s important to start January strongly in order to meet new, ambitious targets for the year ahead. A clean working space is proven to improve productivity, morale and general mood, so use these factors to supercharge your turnover this January.

Seasonal factors

As we move from autumn into winter, it’s a great time to have your workspace professionally cleaned. Following the wettest and muddiest season, and heading into the coldest and darkest, it’s likely that a lot of mud and debris will be trapsed into the building, at intervals throughout the day.

For this reason it’s a good idea to have the space cleaned now – get on top of the accumulating mess and have your office in the best shape possible for the coming months.


When the staff are on holiday, daily cleaning of the office space most likely doesn’t take place. This will lead to the accumulation of dust and grime over the holidays, which could be difficult to tackle effectively once you return to the office due to the fact it’ll be office-wide.

By having your office professionally cleaned before your staff return, you can ensure that it’s free of dust and sparkling clean in every corner.

Choose Dorset Commercial Cleaning for your professional cleaning service

At Dorset Commercial Cleaners, our team of experts are ready tackle any commercial property, and are vastly experienced across a range of industries and building types. Why not give our friendly team a call today, on 01202 986700.

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