Our Ethos

Dorset Commercial Cleaning is committed to employing great people who take a pride in their job. We make sure we pay them fairly (and this almost always means more than our competitors), motivate and train them, give them the right support and guidance, supply them with the right products for each contract and give them praise for a job well done. 

We never forget that you are our customer and that everyone else at your business are your customers - So we strive to do a great job for you, so your team get a great service from you. Sounds simple but it's not. We have developed processes and procedures to make sure we never miss a trick, so you don't need to worry or spend your time dealing with complaints about cleaning. 

It's also nice to work with nice people, and we really value our client relationships, so you'll find us to be a friendly and approachable, flexible and caring business partner.

James Lattimer, Managing Director

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