Why Choose Us

Our success rests on the quality of our service and team. Our culture encourages our staff to take pride in the work that they do and be part of a team that supports and values them. By staying close to all our contracts and constantly monitoring the quality of our work we are able to maintain our own high standards and meet your expectations every time.

We value our team
It is a vital part of our business to ensure we have a well motivated team of cleaners who take a pride in delivering the quality service we demand. All staff receive excellent employment conditions, training and support. We provide uniforms for all staff so they feel part of our team, and supervisory support and guidance on each site so they feel part of yours.
We invest in our team's training
All of our staff receive regular training and support to ensure they are fully equipped to carry out their work and also site specific training at your business so they fully understand exactly what you need.
We carry out regular checks
We check all contracts regularly. We make sure both you and our cleaning staff are happy and our standards are being maintained.  An on-site feedback book for communication between your staff and ours is kept at each site.
We encourage your feedback
We encourage our clients to feedback regularly so we can rectify and small issues before they grow and this further helps to ensure our high standards are being maintained.
We provide continuity during holidays
We cover any sickness and holiday for the cleaners on your site so that there is no loss of consistency. Our replacement cleaner will be conversant with the schedule on your site and a senior member of our team will attend their first session to ensure there is a continuity of service. 
We keep you informed
We produce an information book which we leave at each client, which includes out key contact names and numbers, emergency procedures and site specific information. It also includes our first aid provision, C.O.S.H.H and risk assessments, health and safety policy and procedures, quality policy and insurance details.
We understand TUPE
We have employed many staff under the TUPE regulations and have found, with the support and training we provide, they frequently improve and become effective and efficient members of our team. We can seamlessly manage the transfer of staff and take care of all communication with the outgoing contractor.
We take insurance seriously
We carry £5m public and employers liability insurance for your peace of mind.
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