How to ensure employee safety when it's time to return to the office

19 02 2021
How to ensure employee safety when it's time to return to the office

With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out across the UK, businesses are beginning to think about preparing for when they can welcome their employees back to the office.

While some employees are eager to return, others remain nervous or uncertain how to feel. To help, our commercial cleaners share their tips for keeping your employees safe when it’s time to return to the office.

Visible signage

Installing visible signage that identifies general cleaning processes, protocols, and practices will provide your employees with a sense of comfort. Be sure to add information such as when an area was last cleaned.

Spotless restrooms

If your restrooms are always of a high standard of cleanliness, your employees will have faith that the rest of the office is as well. This includes ensuring that soap, toilet paper and paper towels never run low. Our team of commercial cleaners offer in-depth restroom cleaning as just one of their many services. 

Clean during working hours

If you invite your commercial cleaners to conduct their services during office hours, your employees will see your commitment to maintaining exceptional hygiene practices first-hand. Knowing they are in a freshly cleaned office will make them feel more at ease.

 Our commercial cleaners are more than happy to be flexible, working around your schedule to clean at a time that’s best for you. 

Get in touch with Dorset's leading commercial cleaners 

Our commercial cleaners  are well known across Dorset for their attention to detail and impeccably high standards. Our services will help to reassure your employees that their work environment is receiving a high standard of cleaning at all times.

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