Covid Cleaning from Dorset Commercial Cleaning

04 01 2022
Covid Cleaning from Dorset Commercial Cleaning

Happy New Year from Dorset Commercial Cleaning! We hope all our clients and associates have had a refreshing Christmas break, and are ready to tackle whatever the new year has in store.

Unfortunately, this Christmas period has marked another wave in the Coronavirus pandemic – with Omicron reaching our shores and causing people and businesses alike to take shield.

Read on to find out more about how Dorset Commercial Cleaning can help protect your health and your custom.

Added Cleaning Incentive

While January is ordinarily a great time to have your office or commercial premises professionally cleaned - in order to welcome back staff and customers into a comfortable and clean setting - the increased transmissibility of Omicron means that there is even more incentive than usual.

While you’ll likely find most staff and customers have had their vaccines and boosters at this stage, many people are still cautious regarding either their own health or the health of family members.

This means continuing to take extra steps, like having your premises professionally cleaned, will help to make your staff more comfortable and productive, and customers more willing to visit your premises too.

Our Covid Cleaning Services

At Dorset Commercial Cleaning we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, to a huge variety of sectors and premises types.

We are more than capable of covering anything from factory floors, to regularly scheduled window cleans, with a dedicated and experienced team ready to spring into action.

As part of our covid cleaning service, we offer deep cleaning to businesses who have hygiene at the forefront of their minds – leaving no stone unturned in order to sterilise and leave immaculate every corner of your commercial premises, whether a factory, office, kitchen or something else entirely.

Contact Dorset Commercial Cleaning today

If you’re worried about the impact of Omicron as we move into 2022, or would simply like to book in one of our wide range of services to ensure your commercial cleanliness standards are met, then we suggest giving a member of our friendly team a call today.

We are more than happy to discuss your unique requirements with you, establishing what works best for you and your business.

Give Dorset Commercial Cleaning a call on (01202) 986700.

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