Could a lack of commercial cleaning cost you your talent?

08 02 2022
Could a lack of commercial cleaning cost you your talent?

It may be looking like we’re over the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the way it’s changed people’s attitudes to cleanliness isn’t going to go away any time soon. Employees - especially ones who are or feel particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 - will want to come to work feeling secure in the fact that they’re coming into a safe environment.

You now have to start asking yourself whether that deep clean once a week is enough? Are your cleaning practices pre-pandemic now out of date? Will it put employees off from coming to work if they’re not confident that thorough cleaning practices are being put in place to not only slow the spread of Covid-19,  but other illnesses like cold and flu?

A successful business relies on its talent - and the best talent is likely to come from companies that hold staff health and wellbeing high up on the priority list. If an employee comes in with high expectations, why would they settle for grubby toilets and a questionable kitchen area? If an employee has been working from the cleanliness of their own home, why would they come back in?

Recent research shows your talent agrees

As Covid continues to persist even as we head into Spring of 2022, through the evolution of variants with milder but more contagious qualities, research shows that employees are still very hot on hygiene since the pandemic started.

Now that employees have been enjoying working in their own homes for a couple of years now, their standards on cleanliness have changed – after all, at home they only have to put up with their mess, and are responsible for the cleanliness themselves.

For example, a study on the tech industry, which was funded by Fellowes Brands, found that a huge 87% of workers want higher standards of cleanliness in their offices.

If so many have the ability to complete their work from their own home, being able to use their facilities which they can guarantee are clean via their own handiwork, it seems that staff will need more guarantees in order to be persuaded that the trip to the office is worth their time.

Of course, just because working from home is now seen as a more acceptable arrangement in many companies, doesn’t mean that everyone wants to work from home.

Many colleagues enjoy the communal space, interacting and generating ideas by bouncing off each other – but they may choose to work from home if they do not feel the hygiene standards are adequately high.

If other companies have thorough, regular professional cleaning, and an employee wants to work in the office but doesn’t feel it’s safe to do so, it could put your business at a disadvantage when it comes to securing talent.

Invest in the services of a commercial cleaning company

Impressions count - so invest in the services of a commercial cleaning company to help your staff feel safe at work. If you’ve just employed that big hire, make sure their standards are met. If some of your employees have an underlying health condition, ensure they still want to carry on working for you by giving them the confidence in the fact that you care about their wellbeing. 

This is where Dorset Commercial Cleaning comes into play. We’re an established cleaning company in Dorset with expertise across a wide variety of commercial sectors, including offices, showrooms, retail, medical establishments, and industrial units. A cleaning contract with Dorset Commercial Cleaners will help to keep your workplace an attractive place to work. 

From kitchen cleans and toilet cleans to desk cleans and carpet cleans, Dorset Commercial Cleaners will carry out all cleaning to our exceptionally high standard. Our cleaning staff are professionals, and qualified in all aspects of cleaning health and safety. We’re reliable, friendly, and will arrange cleaning times that suit your workplace. 

If we sound like the kind of cleaning service you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01202 986700 to discuss your requirements!

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