Commercial Cleaning Checklist: Maintaining Hygiene Standards in Dorset

12 06 2024
Commercial Cleaning Checklist: Maintaining Hygiene Standards in Dorset

No matter what industry you are in, maintaining hygiene is a priority for you, your employees and the customers you might have in your workspace. Whether you run a manufacturing warehouse, office or retail space, commercial cleaning should be on your mind.

However, cleaning a business space can often feel a little intimidating and often will land at the bottom of your to-do list as you set about tasks that will keep your business moving forward. Even when you do get to cleaning, there are so many places that need to be cleaned it can be hard to know if you have done them all.

This is why we have created a little checklist.

Dorset Commercial Cleaning are contracted commercial cleaners for a wide range of sectors and industries, meaning we know the key places you need to clean for a hygienic workplace.

In this blog, we list all of the areas that you might miss but should include in your cleaning.


While desks are often given a wipe down, any telephones on the surfaces are usually glanced over. Yet, the phones themselves and the buttons are likely to hold a large number of bacteria and germs.

When spraying or wiping the desks, don't forget to go over the phone and the buttons too.

Door Handles

If you have glass doors, they will likely be sprayed and wiped to remove hand and finger marks. However, if you have doors from another material they might not be cleaned at all.

Whether you have glass doors or not, cleaning the door handles is often overlooked.

These are high-touch areas where a lot of employees and customers will place or pick up germs, so they can be pivotal surfaces to clean.

Cleaning door handles is simple; run an antibacterial wipe over them or a cloth and some antibacterial spray.


Whether it be a sofa that welcomes guests and customers, office chairs that have dedicated bums on them or the large table in the meeting room, it can be easy to miss them.

Soft furnishings are often ignored because of the materials, but they can hold bacteria, odours and particles just as much as the door handle.

Don't be afraid to vacuum over the sofa and between the cushions or wipe down any leather seats in meeting rooms and arms on office chairs.


More common in office spaces, medical facilities and marina and yacht clubs, blinds are often forgotten when the space is being cleaned.

We are all guilty of looking out through the blinds, not noticing the dust gathering on each slat of the blind.

The easiest way to deal with this is to have a duster and run it over a closed blind to dislodge the dust gathered. Don't forget to vacuum or wipe the surface below, as it might have all just fallen from one surface to another.

Vending Machines

If you have a vending machine, whether customer-facing or for staff, you should make sure that the glass is clean so people can see the products available and the pin pad and keypad are cleaned so people don't pick up germs from touching them.

Similar to most of the above, a simple wipe will suffice, but it ensures bacteria and germs aren't left to manifest on the surface.

Areas Behind Heavy Pieces

Maybe this is something that is done every other clean, as it can be time-consuming moving large and heavy furniture and equipment. However, the dirt and dust that collects behind these are noticeable.

If you want to create a clean and comfortable environment for everyone entering the space, give these areas a clean every few weeks to prevent the build-up from getting too obvious.

Trust Commercial Cleaners To Clean Everywhere

Feeling a little overwhelmed by this list? Thinking you can't spare any more time than you already give to cleaning your facility?

No worries, we can help! Don't spend your precious time cleaning, hire our professional commercial cleaning services to do the job and ensure nothing is missed.

With our experience in a variety of industries and building types, we know what each sector will require and what is likely to be missed.

Our services are flexible, meaning we can fit our cleaning around your schedule, offering daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services at times that suit your business. Our schedules are not fixed, so we can provide a bespoke cleaning schedule should you need one.

Additionally, this means that we can offer different levels of cleaning within the schedule. Perhaps one week, we will do a deep clean, and the other week is more of a top-up before heading back into a deep clean the following week. We can truly match your needs, ensuring we provide a comprehensive clean each time.

You can rely on us to keep your workspace clean and hygienic for you, your employees and any customers you might have in your workspace.

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your cleaning requirements and why you can rely on us. Call us on 01202 986700 or complete our online contact form, and we will call you back.

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