5 Questions to Ask Your Office Cleaner

27 10 2020
5 Questions to Ask Your Office Cleaner

When looking for an office cleaner, there are a few questions you should ask to ensure they have the services and expertise to keep your office clean and hygienic. 

1) What cleaning services do you provide?

While your office cleaner will provide all the regular cleaning services you need, cleaning desks, kitchens, bathrooms etc, it’s also a good idea to see if they’re able to offer other services you may not need so often, such as window cleaning, deep cleans and carpet cleaning. By choosing an office cleaner who can provide a complete range of services, you save yourself a lot of time and stress searching for other contractors you may not be able to trust. 

2) How do you maintain your cleaning standards?

It’s an unfortunate reality that some office cleaners start out providing a good level of cleanliness, only to get complacent and let their standards slip. Here at Dorset Commercial Cleaning, we can guarantee you’ll always receive the same level of outstanding service as you did when we first started working for you as we carry out regular quality checks that ensure you’re completely happy with your office cleaner. 

3) Are you insured?

A reputable cleaner will have all the relevant insurance policies in place to protect against accidents and mistakes. At Dorset Commercial Cleaning, we have £5m employers liability insurance to give you complete peace of mind you are covered in the very rare event something goes wrong. 

4) Do you cover cleaner absences?

If you’ve had a bad experience with cleaners in the past, you’ll know not every company will or can cover staff absences, leaving you without a cleaner – something you cannot afford in the current climate. So, asking if your chosen cleaning company can cover staff sickness and holidays will help avoid this situation and ensure your office remains wonderfully clean and hygienic. 

5) Why should I choose you as my office cleaner?

This may seem like an obvious question but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t ask it. What you’re looking for in their answer is that they understand what makes them the best office cleaner for you, whether that’s by working around your schedule, continual training for their staff or supplying the correct products, things Dorset Commercial Cleaning always do.

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The coronavirus pandemic has shown that good hygiene practices and cleanliness in the workplace are vital to safeguarding your staff and maintaining a healthy, happy business. If you’re looking for a new office cleaner you can rely on to keep your premises sparkling clean and sanitary, get in touch with Dorset Commercial Cleaning today on 01202 986700

A note from James Lattimer, our Managing Director

“Asking the right kind of questions before you commit to your office cleaning company can save you lots of time and hassle in the long run. It helps you understand their values and services and helps you get to know them that bit better too.”

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