Why reception and entrance cleaning matters

19 03 2021
Why reception and entrance cleaning matters

Ensuring that your office is cleaned regularly is essential to ensuring the workplace looks and feels pleasant, however, businesses often neglect their reception areas. Our experts explain why having a clean reception will benefit your business.

It’s the first place your visitors see

 The guests in your reception area will most likely find themselves alone for several minutes or even up to an hour, which gives them plenty of time to look around and start building an opinion of your business. It’s a good idea to ensure this space is clean, tidy and well laid out.

You can prepare as much as possible for an important meeting, but if your reception area is unclean or untidy, it starts the meeting off in a negative way. If your workspace is welcoming, you will have a better chance of building a good client relationship.

Enhance your employees’ wellbeing

Being welcomed first thing in the morning to a clean and tidy space will boost the mood and mindset of your employees. It will also remind them that they are part of something important and successful.

Let your reception be a positive reflection of you and your business

 The cleanliness of your reception reflects your entire company. If you have yet to land a new client, it’s important to start making a good impression on every potential customer. An unclean, messy office will influence them to question your professional organisation skills. At Dorset Commercial Cleaning, our professional contract cleaners will ensure your reception area is sparkling.

Get in touch with Dorset’s leading commercial cleaners

Whether your reception area is big or small, our professional contract cleaners will ensure every corner is properly cleaned. We understand this can be difficult when you run a busy business, which is why our professional cleaning service can help.

If you think your reception area would benefit from a deep clean by a professional commercial cleaning service, please get in touch on  01202 986700

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