Retail owners: are your offices and staff areas being cleaned regularly?

23 03 2021
Retail owners: are your offices and staff areas being cleaned regularly?

Our commercial contract cleaners explain why it's important to keep your offices and back of house areas just as clean as your shop floor.

Improve staff wellbeing

As the retail sector prepares to reopen next month, we thought it was important to discuss the common areas that get overlooked by cleaners and why it’s important to add them to your cleaning checklist. 

It’s only natural that the shop floor and front of house areas get prioritised, as they’re what your customers see. While we recognise that these areas are important, we know that it’s just as crucial to clean your offices, break rooms and other back of house areas regularly as well. 

Your staff are just as important as your customers, and a clean, tidy back of house area will improve their wellbeing and motivation. By keeping those areas hygienically clean, you can also cut down on the spread of germs which will help to reduce staff illness.

Offer peace of mind

Some of your employees may be nervous about returning to work after lockdown. Ensuring your back of house areas are kept spotless will help to reassure staff that they are working in a safe, hygienic environment. Your employees are more likely to feel happy and confident at work if they can see that all possible steps have been taken to ensure their wellbeing. 

Working with contract cleaners to keep staff areas looking great will create an enjoyable work environment and ensure your employees feel taken care of. As well as regular, scheduled cleaning, you could also arrange a professional deep clean before you reopen. This will remove any dust that’s settled while the building has been empty while ensuring that all spaces are free from harmful germs and bacteria. 

Contact Dorset’s leading commercial cleaners

To make sure your offices and staff areas aren’t being neglected, get in touch with Dorset Commercial Cleaning today on 01202 986700. We’ll make sure your offices and back of house areas are just as spotlessly clean as your shop floor! 

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