Make it microfibre

05 02 2019
Make it microfibre

Dorset Commercial Cleaning only use microfibre cloths. This aligns with our company ethos of using Green Cleaning Solutions in our cleaning programs wherever possible. 

Why microfibre? 

Microfibre is a polyester and nylon fibre that is used to make fabric. The fibre is many times smaller than a human hair; when woven together, the fibres create a net-like surface that traps more dirt, debris and moisture than cotton. The nylon in the microfibre has a static charge that pulls in and traps dirt until the fibre is washed. In addition, microfibre mops use significantly less water and require minimal chemicals to clean effectively. Finally, because microfibre mops weigh less than traditional cotton mops, our team experience less back strain and fatigue from repeated use. 

Microfibre is simply a superior cleaning material. Advantages include:

  1. The fibres absorb seven times their weight in water.
  2. Just using water and microfibre removes 98.9% of bacteria from smooth surfaces.
  3. Microfibre can be washed and reused 400-500 times.
  4. The fabric dries in one-third the time of traditional cotton cloths.
  5. Microfibre reduces slip and fall potential as floors dry faster than when cleaned with conventional mops.
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